Chapter 11

The magnitude of multimedia

Imprinting and impacting readers everywhere

In an era desperate for information it only makes sense that websites would investigate new forms of engagement for readers to enjoy. 

Richard Curtis, longtime managing editor for design at USA Today said, “Multimedia recognizes that people learn in different ways.”

Websites now not only include the narrative, but also want to reach users visually. Audio and video can convey the same information in a different way attracting a different type of user. Multimedia can also integrate supporting evidence from other websites that contribute to the original article, or explain the material in a different way. 

Many college websites use multimedia to assist parents, students and friends in finding out information about their campus. Check out the University of Maryland’s website for some examples. 

To facilitate use, designers believe it is important to incorporate, “page titles, logos, author information, a date and easy acces,”said Dorothy A. Bowles and Diane L. Borden, writers of Creative Editing 

Page titles assist readers in indicting what the page holds. Bowles and Borden believe that because users can access or enter a document from anywhere via the Internet, its important to be able to identify the site and where it came from. Each page should also have a homelink for the user to use incase they get “lost” during their search. 

Similarly, pages should be signed by the author to help identify credibility. “Clickable e-mail addresses will encourage feedback, which commercial sponsors appreciate,” said Bowles and Borden. Likewise, they should be dated so the reader is aware that the information is current or not.  

Multimedia is a new engaging way to entice new readers, who expect instant information, while keeping old readers happy through the traditional narrative. The future seems bright for multimedia users who are now able to broaden their horizons with the click of a mouse.


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